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 Secure You ID/Item

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PostSubject: Secure You ID/Item   Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:02 am

Dear players,

This is the last post from me regarding scamming problems. Please take note & remember it forever.

1. Make sure nobody's around you while key in your ID & password and Vault Password.

2. Do not sharing your ID with other people or give your ID to other people for any reason. If your give, take it as your own risk.

3. During trading, before press OK button please make sure the items is correct.

4. Don't show your items in stall cause people might buy it due to little amount of gold in your character inventory.

5. Try to get face to face while buying or selling items with real money, that's the best way to prevent from be scammed. Meet at any Cyber cafe, open 2 PC & make your deal.

6. Don't believe if there's people said that he/she can make your item to any damage that you want for free or for some amount because 90% your item won't get back to you.

Do not trust anyone in-game unless you dare to give your trust to anyone. If something happened, we can't do anything because every decisions you've made is at your own risk.

From now on, any post about been scammed or password changed my friend or whoever, we have to say sorry because that's your own fault. Please keep your ID and items properly.

Thank you & good luck
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Secure You ID/Item
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