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PostSubject: Register/Download   Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:40 am


Terms of Server

These rules must be obeyed by everyone in the game. If you break
these rules or abuse the bugs you will recieve the consequences.

* Don't ask GM for Items/Gold/LVL's etc
* Don't bad/insulting language in chat at GM's/Players
* Abuse Bug/Cheat/Scam/Hacks in any form = Perm ban No question ask.
* Absue Skills/Net etc..
* Racial slurs will not be allowed
* Any item/gold/xp lost will not be replaced.
* Respect other players.
* Dont argue with GM's.
* You cannot impersonate at GM in anyway or form.
* If you have the GM crest as your guilds crest. You will get Account Banned & IP ban
* Dont use any nationflags or inproper symbols as guild crest(s)
* No pushing of players stores

This is a softcap server and we do not have tobs/ants and there will not be any so DONT ask.

1. Download the Client v1753 (Do NOT use any other client)
2. Install Client and start the game for only 1 sec do NOT let it update or any thing
3. Download Patch 2240 and install the patch, But make sure you install the patch same directory as client is.
4. Reg Your ingame account here: Ingame Reg
5. Read Rules for this server(TOS)/Ingame Rules here: Rules!
6. If you need to change ingame account(s) Password(s), Here is the link: Change Password
7. If want o help server out and Donate. Go to main page under "Donations". There is also the item u get for donations.

Patch Download :

Amelos FTP: Patch1601
Rapidshare: Patch1601
Megaupload: Patch1601

Client Download:

Link1: Client
Link2: Client
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